About us

Hi, my name is Jenny.

I set up Wandle Eco Textiles to support UK farmers and showcase home-grown clothes and gifts.

Thanks for taking a look. 

Behind every textile product there are many valuable crafts and skills. Consider the farmer, the spinner, the dyer, the weaver... to name just a few!

They should all get a fair deal and I aim to tell the full story behind each product.

Sadly, the textile industry is one of the world's biggest polluters. But with a more considered approach and local supply chains it can make a positive impact. 

This shop exists in search of a greener more socially just textile economy.

I welcome your feedback, thoughts and questions. 


The River Wandle played a significant role in the history of the global textiles economy. Its chalky waters were home to many mills including one of William Morris. 

My study of UK textiles began near the river Wandle in South London. The shop is now run from a family home in Stroud, Gloucestershire.