A photo of four classes cases laid out side by side with the strings laid out flat, the picture shows four different colour combinations

Glasses case

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A soft felt pouch to protect your glasses. Includes a linen chord which can be worn around your neck or tucked away inside the case.

Made by Bellacouche at a wool felt studio set in a beautiful chapel in Dartmoor. Felt maker Yuli Somme says:

'Dartmoor is where I live and work – a beautiful and wild landscape – and this is an infinite source of inspiration. I am deeply mindful of our environment and the preciousness of nature, so everything I do or make bears this in mind; keeping my impact on the planet as small as possible. ‘Wool miles’ are kept as low as is currently achievable; workshop waste is kept to a minimum, recycling as much as possible and composting the rest on site as part of the management of the chapel grounds.'

Material: Rare breed organic wool from high welfare farms in South West England
Felted: Yorkshire
Made: Devon, England

7cm x 16cm

Find out more about the maker at www.bellacouche.com